Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Are YOU Waiting On?

I find myself asking this question to God alot, "What are YOU waiting on?"
Then I began to think, who am I to ask a holy, magnificent God that question? Answer:I AM NOBODY!!!

You know the last couple of weeks it seems like God is just calling me to something BIG. When I say BIG I mean, HUGE, ENORMOUS, CRAZY get the picture. But, God has chosen to not reveal that calling to me yet, or so I think. Within the last couple of days I have started to see things around me and use that as clues. But, I just dont know if these thoughts, about this calling, are stemming from the mind...or if they are stemming from the heart. Its a struggle. Not gonna lie. I ask God for discernment and wisdom, just to make sure.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to meet with someone about this. Someone who can give me some insight on the whole heart...mind thing. It may not be understandable to you...but I understand what I am talking

So yea, Love you guys. Btw, Relient K...enough said...



  1. good stuff...
    "I AM NOBODY!!!"
    haha... so true...
    i think its funny when i catch myself trying to grasp certain things about God and then i just realize...
    how arrogant of me to think that I, a human, sinful, messed up, could ever possibly understand a perfect, eternal, all-knowing God...

    Pslam 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God."

    thats all we need...
    prayin for you dog...

  2. Thanks for sharing, Wes.
    You're awesome. Can't wait to see all the amazing things God is going to call you to/use you through. : )

  3. This guy whose blog I follow (he's much closer to your age than mine) wrote something cool on a related subject the other day - I think you'd enjoy reading it:

    Have a great day! Love, Mom