Monday, October 12, 2009

Catalyst Recap Two--Malcolm Gladwell

Well here is probly my favorite speaker of the whole conference. He was very smart and I felt like I was in a college class. He used a story from the civil war to get his point across and not one time had to look at his notes. Great guy. Great wisdom. Great leader.

"We think we know more than we actually do"--Wow Malcolm

"We make mistakes because we have too much knowledge"

"People who make mistakes of overconfidence are usually leaders"

"The world around us can change when we are trapped by our arrogance and our overconfidence"

"Humility is the ability to listen to others"--So true

My favorite quote was probly this one right here:
"In times of crisis we do NOT need bold decision makers, what we need is humility from our leaders"

Good stuff. More to come.

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